BirdMaster will go anywhere to get the job done!

Recently, BirdMaster Bird Control Systems adventured to Fort Warren located on Georges Island, to work on a bird infestation problem. The Fort Warren was infested with Gulls, and BirdMaster’s work was crucial to prevent the structures and substrate of the building of being permanently damaged by the acidity of the bird guano.

The adventure started when BirdMaster’s crew had to get the 55′ Genie aerial manlift on a barge, and then drive it down a beach to get to the remote outpost. After heavy labor and a great team work, BirdMaster was able to install Springuard Trident to the ridges of both structures to prevent Gull loafing.

BirdMaster’s Springuard Trident is an anti-bird roosting system that is very uniform and difficult to detect once installed. It further reduces potential penetration of the substrate and is ideal to control problems with Pigeons and Gulls.