Statue of Liberty Free From Pest Bird Infestations

liberty1We’ve just completed yet another historic preservation project, this time on what is
arguably the most recognizable landmark on the planet. BirdMaster is proud to have
taken part in the massive, yearlong $30 million restoration project. Our “gentle”
installation was carried out on this international icon and symbol of freedom for many
generations of immigrants and citizens alike. The finished renovations will keep Lady
Liberty up to New York City safety codes and allow handicapped people to access the
observation deck at the top of the granite statue pedestal.


A gift to the people of the United States from France, the likeness of the Roman Goddess of liberty,
Libertas, raises her torch to just over 300 feet off the ground and stands on a 150 foot pedestal. In her
other hand is the tabula ansata (tablet inducing the law) which reads “July 4, 1776”. The broken chain
at her feet symbolizes freedom after a time of oppression. Many people are also surprised to learn that
the copper plate that makes up the statue is only the thickness of a penny!


BirdMaster’s Invisible Netting Systems

During this year of the monument’s 126th anniversary, we installed our invisible PermaNet Neutral and PermaMesh
systems freeing the statue pedestal loggias from pigeon and starling infestation. As a result, future visitors will be
safer from the health risks associated with the bird guano droppings. One thing is for sure, after enduring 126 years
of bird poo, we’re sure this libertarian lady is delighted with our work.