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Statue of Liberty Free From Pest Bird Infestations

We’ve just completed yet another historic preservation project, this time on what is arguably the most recognizable landmark on the planet.


Strawberry Fields Forever

Although it’s been 32 years since the assassination of John Lennon, his legacy lives on. On December 8th, thousands will visit the Strawberry Fields memorial in New York’s Central Park to pay tribute… Continue reading

The History and Preservation of Fenway Park

Peek into the history of one of America’s most beloved ballparks and see how the stadium is being preserved for the future, including a different kind of “green monster”.

Award-Winning Historic Restoration: Duo Multicultural Arts Center in Manhattan

BirdMaster recently won the Lucy G. Moses Award for restoration and preservation work on the historic Duo Multicultural Arts Center, formerly Fortune Theater, in Manhattan’s Fourth Arts Block.

BirdMaster Tames the Lion

Bird droppings (Guano) pose serious health risks to humans from bacteria and pulmonary invasive spores. The acidity in bird guano also degrades stone and metal, attacking the substrate of buildings causing permanent damage.… Continue reading