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Spilled foods attract unwanted birds to High School campus

At Corona del Mar High School in California birds are finding a resource on spilled foods. The high school campus has been the host for dozens of birds. Students and staff members are complaining that the birds (in special Seagulls) have been hovering around, looking for any sort of leftover left on the ground, on a garbage bin, or even on student’s hands.


Building might eventually be torn down due to bird droppings

An infested downtown storefront in Linton, Indiana might not stay there much longer. The building has suffered severe damages due to accumulation of bird guano over the years… Without any further action, the building may be in serious trouble. Chances are that city officials will have to tear it down.

Gulls cover Saginaw City Hall with droppings

Facing a rapidly wave of flying gulls, Saginaw City Hall has probably never seen such a thing. Pest birds invaded the city in an unexpectedly short amount of time and are causing severe damages to roofs and structures around town.

The arrival of Seagulls brings health concerns to Tinton Falls, NJ

Monmouth County officials are seriously concerned about this massive invasion of seagulls and are searching for solutions to the problem. Residents are stunned by the amount of birds that have infested the area and are demanding action from authorities to get rid of these pest birds.

Pigeons take over Washington County

A large, growing group of pigeons have infested Washington County and are causing officials to worry about the health and well-being of its population. Before the population and visitors get sick from bird droppings, the town is brainstorming ways to fix the pigeon infestation without harming birds or the environment.

Birds create a problem for students and faculty at Millersville University, PA

Nearly fifty Canada geese are infesting the Millersville University campus. These birds are causing a mess around the campus and are interfering with the well-being of the students, faculty and visitors on site.

Herderson City Declares Pigeons a Public Nuisance

(Photo by donjd2/Flickr) The city of Henderson in Nevada is facing a serious pigeon infestation. An ongoing increase in the pigeons’ population has been an issue for the city. These pest birds have… Continue reading