Humane Pigeon Control in DPW Salt Sheds

Pigeon infestations in many of our municipal Massachusetts DPW Salt Sheds have become a nuisance as well as a public health and pollution issue emanating from pigeon guano build-up. Pigeon droppings in the… Continue reading

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BirdMaster Tames the Lion

Bird droppings (Guano) pose serious health risks to humans from bacteria and pulmonary invasive spores. The acidity in bird guano also degrades stone and metal, attacking the substrate of buildings causing permanent damage.… Continue reading


BirdMaster’s bird control systems are designed to be inconspicious and totally reversible. We were selected for many prestigious projects where roosting pigeons, starlings and sparrows were a severe problem. Projects such as: Government:… Continue reading

Find out more about pest bird infestations

Pest Birds Find out more about pest bird infestations The acidity in bird guano (a.k.a. droppings) defaces stone and metal, attacking the substrate of a building to cause permanent damage. Pigeon, n. To… Continue reading

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