Award-Winning Historic Restoration: Duo Multicultural Arts Center in Manhattan

BirdMaster recently won the Lucy G. Moses Award for restoration and preservation work on the historic Duo Multicultural Arts Center, formerly Fortune Theater, in Manhattan’s Fourth Arts Block.

Award-winning restoration project: Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul

Over the years, the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul has gone through several renovations. And BirdMaster is honored to have been a part of the most recent one, set to maintain the aesthetics by keeping birds and their droppings away from the Cathedral facades.

Spilled foods attract unwanted birds to High School campus

At Corona del Mar High School in California birds are finding a resource on spilled foods. The high school campus has been the host for dozens of birds. Students and staff members are complaining that the birds (in special Seagulls) have been hovering around, looking for any sort of leftover left on the ground, on a garbage bin, or even on student’s hands.